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Neighborhood Standards and the
Vacant Property Ordinance

Speaker: City of Rockford Assistant Attorney
and Blight Reduction Officer Matthew Flores
Join us as Matthew Flores discusses the top ten Code violations and the Code Hearing Process. Matt will also go over the new Vacant Property Ordinance and how it will affect landlords and business owners.


Letter from the President

        January and February 2019 have been hard months to deal with. Snow, ice storms, and extremely cold air tested all of us. Even the first weeks of March are forecasted to be cold. The good news is, we should start to see temperatures rise as spring is nearing. As the temperatures rise and the snow and ice melt away, garbage that has been trapped in the frozen mass is now free to blow around. It is the same every year but this year will prove to be worse than other years because of the amount of snow and ice and the length of time that it has been around. We all should be paying attention to the cleanliness and first impressions of our properties and picking up the trash is the easiest and most important appearance factor that likely renters will judge your properties by. It can be what seems to be like a full time job. These days it would almost appear that people use the outdoors as their garbage can and some do, but there are other factors that contribute to it including trash blowing out of the garbage trucks as they barrel down the road. In the City of Rockford having Totes is a voluntary thing, and you can either rent them or buy them. In Loves Park and Machesney Park the garbage contracts are such that Totes are provided for each resident for garbage and recycling. Those tenants or homeowners in Rockford that don’t use totes are part of the problem of loose trash blowing around. Often you will see that garbage is placed in boxes and untied bags and even if the garbage is secured in a bags animals get into the bags and the garbage is free to blow around. Providing or requiring that everyone have Totes would undoubtable help contain trash keeping the animals out and preventing it from blowing around. If you own rental property consider buying or renting Totes for your rentals. Talk to your Alderperson and ask them when the City of Rockford is going to start providing Totes. Other communities are doing it. Rockford should also.

    In an ongoing effort to not only keep our property values from dropping, but to see those values rise we have committed to partnering with the city helping each other improve neighborhoods. This means that all of us must do our part to keep properties to minimum neighborhood and property standards like picking up trash. There are many other different things that need to be addressed but our end goal is a common one. Rising Property Values!

    Our March 19 th meeting topic will be Neighborhood Standards and the new “Vacant Property Ordinance” Our speaker will be Assistant City Attorney and Blight Reduction Officer Matthew Flores. Join us as Matt talks about the most common ordinance violations and what all property owners should be aware of. Many of you have expressed concerns over garbage being dumped in alleys on or adjacent to your property. Illegal dumping of tires and electronic devices. This will be a good opportunity to bring up those concerns and any other issues that you are having. Matt will also talk about the code hearing process and how it is administered. Finally he will talk about the new Vacant property ordinance and how it will affect vacant dwellings whether it is between tenants or just vacant.

Hope to see you all there!

Karl Fauerbach, RAA President



City legal memo to council for Chronic Nuisance Ordinance
Memo from Di Monte & Lizak on Home Rule authority re Ordinance


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