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"The Eviction Process"


Letter from the President

  If you missed our October meeting you missed one of our best meetings ever! We covered the very important topic of Tenant Screening. We had almost 90 members and guests in attendance. A big thanks to Paul Arena who shared with the group the different methods of screening and the screening service that is offered through the Rental Housing Professionals website. We also had outstanding member participation that spurred on that great tool of information and idea sharing. Undoubtedly the most important thing we can do in operating our rentals is screening prospective tenants and what we have always known, to insure getting the best tenant, screening is the only possible way! What we learned at our October 2017 meeting, are the many ways to screen, and the most important aspects of the screening process. We learned how to ask the right questions, spot red flags, and decipher all the information gathered to make an informed decision whether to accept or reject an applicant. Thanks again to Paul and all the members that shared with the group.

 Coming up in our November 21st 2017 meeting the topic will be “The Eviction Process”. Even though we have screened tenants the best way we know how, all of us will eventually have to go through this process. There are many reasons we end up in the eviction court but it is primarily for none payment of rent. You have done everything correct screening your tenant but when that tenant loses their income, the rent will stop coming, and you will be forced to file for eviction. If you have been through the eviction process you know how stressful it can be. None of us want to go through the eviction process more than we can help it. No one wins in an eviction. You have lost time and money and your tenant now has a permanent record that will make it difficult for them to acquire another rental for many years. Many of us hire legal counsel to represent us because we either don’t have time to do it ourselves, we are not familiar with the process, or we have our business set up as a corporation. Many of us who are not incorporated handle the process ourselves except for the service of the Summons.

 Come join us November 21st. 2017 as we discuss in great detail the eviction process. When should you file, how to do it yourself, how do you start the process, what forms do you need and how to fill out the forms, how much does it cost, what to expect when you appear before the judge, who to hire to represent you, how to communicate with your tenant, and how to avoid it all together. This should be as informative as lasts months meeting and equally important. Hope to see you all there!

Thank you,
Karl Fauerbach, RAA President



City legal memo to council for Chronic Nuisance Ordinance
Memo from Di Monte & Lizak on Home Rule authority re Ordinance


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There are no regular RAA meetings in June, July, August or (December Christmas Party), however, we may schedule an activity so be sure to check back or call RAA for updates.

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