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Tax Assessment Protests

Speakers: Attorney James E. Tuneberg

  Are you over assessed and paying too much in property tax? Join us as Attorney Jim Tuneberg from Guyer & Enichen, leading local experts, discusses the process of when and how to file property tax protests to lower your property tax assessments, and save you money!


Letter from the President

    Now that primary elections are over and the immediate threat of Home Rule is behind us we can now get back to doing what we do best! Educating Landlords! Before we do I think it’s important for us to know that one of the talking points proponents used to justify bringing Home Rule back is blight. The unsavory look of many neighborhoods in the City of Rockford, whether it be boarded up and vacant homes, long grass, weeds, broken windows, peeling paint, sagging porches, trash, or whatever else contributes to blight. It is extremely important that we realize how this affects property values, and whether deserved or not, how landlords are perceived. Because most of us are looking at our property values as our retirement plan it is incumbent on us all to put as much time and effort possible into improving the condition of our rentals. Picking up trash is one of the easiest things to do and can give the biggest returns. Keep your yards mowed and weeds pulled around the buildings and fence lines. Cut dead limbs or trees down. Remember, you can get good tenants in any neighborhood, but first impressions can make or break you. It can help keep failing neighborhoods from failing faster and in some cases can reverse the trend. It certainly can’t hurt how landlords are viewed. Please do your part in helping shape a better image of neighborhoods and Landlords alike.

  Last month our March meeting topic was “Taxes”. If you didn’t get a chance to attend, our original Speaker had a family medical emergency and cancelled at the last minute. We were lucky enough to have fellow member Kelli Peterson present at the meeting. Kelli is a CFP, CPA, and MPA with Savant Capital Management. She was kind enough to step in and lead what was a very informative discussion and dialog between herself and the membership in attendance. I would like to give a big “Thank You” to Kelli for bailing us out. She did a fabulous job and she was very knowledgeable. I would also like to let all members know about our annual May banquet. This years’ banquet will be May 15 th 2018 at Midway village from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Members and one guest will get in free if you register by May 8 th . Nonmembers are welcome with a $15 fee. Food will be again provided by Famous Dave’s and will be all you can eat. Any Vendors interested in purchasing a table at this years’ banquet can call Muffy at 815-988- 2755. Follow the link below to register.

Register for May 15th 2018 Banquet

  Our April 17 th 2018 meeting topic will be “Tax Assessment Protests” The speaker will be local Attorney James E. Tuneberg from Guyer and Enichen one of the leading local experts on tax assessment protests. We would’ve like to have this meeting scheduled closer to when Tax assessments come out in early august but because protests are due 30 after and before our September meeting our April meeting was our only option. Please join us for what will be another great and informative meeting!

Thanks, and hope to see you all there!

Karl Fauerbach, RAA President



City legal memo to council for Chronic Nuisance Ordinance
Memo from Di Monte & Lizak on Home Rule authority re Ordinance


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Set aside the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 P.M. to join RAA for its monthly meeting. The educational and entertaining meetings feature guest speakers who share their expertise in ALL aspects of the apartment and multi-family business.

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There are no regular RAA meetings in June, July, August or (December Christmas Party), however, we may schedule an activity so be sure to check back or call RAA for updates.

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