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 Tax Laws

                                          Speakers: CPA David Lindgren with Wipfli LLP CPA's

Join us as David discusses the many aspects of tax laws and how they are used in the real estate investment world. He will be discussing things like deductible expenses, capital gains from a sale, depreciation, expensing vs capitalizing, 1031 tax deferred like kind exchanges( also known as the Starker exchange), and finally new 2018 tax law changes and how they will impact you!

Letter from the President

  We have a big election coming up and if you don’t know by now, the hot issue is Home Rule. The question of “Should the City of Rockford have Home Rule or Not” will be on the ballot March 20th. This has proven to be a contentious issue between proponents and opponents. There is one big reason among the many others that the Rockford Apartment Association has chosen to oppose Home Rule. Simply put, if the City of Rockford obtains home Rule status Landlords could be licensed! We have been faced with this threat for years. I want to thank all of our members that provided sign locations to help fight this latest threat. Even though there has been little or no mention of it, if Home rule passes, licensing will eventually become a reality. What would licensing mean to Landlords and what would it mean to tenants? Usually Licensing comes with a per unit fee, and then there can be individual unit inspections which occur on an annual basis with a cost associated with each inspection. Any of you have that have taken part in the Section 8 housing voucher program have a good idea of what it would be like. It would be an onerous task requiring time and money complying with inspections. We can try to pass those cost on to tenants but that will prove to be difficult thing in the short term as market rents will prevent passing along those costs immediately. Eventually though, it will trickle down and the ones that have the least will be paying the most. Many renters today live paycheck to paycheck, and as all landlords know when they have a car breakdown, or medical bills, and or any other unexpected expenses they have trouble paying their rent. Imagine you’re working a service sector job making $10 per hour raising one or two children and now rents are going up because our government needs more tax dollars. Proponents will argue there are merits to Home Rule, but even if that is true, the bad far outweigh the good for Landlords and tenants. If Home rule is approved by voters March 20th a few will be asked to pick up the bill for the city’s financial crisis. Continual taxing steadily erodes at the standard of living for all but the poor and those with the least are hit the hardest. Please vote No to Home Rule March 20th!  

  Our next meeting coming up also on March 20 th will be on Tax Laws. Join us as speaker David Lindgren “Certified Public Accountant” with Wipfli LLP CPA’s will be covering the many aspects of tax laws concerning Real Estate investors. He will be discussing things like investment income treatment, capital gains on sales, 1031 tax deferred exchanges, allowable expenses, expensing vs capitalizing, depreciation, record keeping, home office expense, etc. He will also cover the new 2018 tax law changes. This is a timely event as April 15 th is coming fast. This year the IRS will extend the deadline until Tuesday April 17th.

Come and bring your questions for David.

Thanks, and hope to see you all there!

Karl Fauerbach,
RAA President



1-28-12 City legal memo to council for Chronic Nuisance Ordinance
1-22-13 Memo from Di Monte & Lizak on Home Rule authority re Ordinance


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