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Letter from the President

        Again, Governor Pritzker has extended his eviction moratorium 30 days to May 1 st, 2021. At the same time the CDC has extended the federal eviction moratorium until June 1 st, 2021. We have repeated that only evictions of tenants that are an immediate danger to others or property can be removed from a dwelling legally with the use of a 10-day notice to quit. Our local eviction court judge may give an order for possession using a 5-day notice for nonpayment of rent if a tenant is unwilling to sign a declaration, however the sheriff will not enforce it. A bit ironic, isnít it? My case of exactly that is still open with a tenant that was unwilling to sign the declaration. The reason I asked the judge to hold it for status is simple. If I receive an order for possession, and the tenant moves out voluntarily, I then cannot qualify for rent help from either of the two funding sources that exist.

    If you donít know already, Winnebago County was given an 8.3-million-dollar grant by the federal government to help tenants and landlords pay and receive rent up to 12 months in arrears and three months going forward. Winnebago County in conjunction with the City of Rockford Human Services will administer the program. Either the landlord or the tenant can initiate the process. If you are the landlord, you must have the tenants email address and vice versa. Click on the following link to apply or call 815-972-RENT. Rent Help The program started April 1 st and will take applications until the April 15 th at which time they will close the application process for administration time and processing. They will again start taking applications on May 1 st through the 15 th and so on until there are no more funds available. If you miss the opportunity to receive some of those funds and your tenants are still in need there will be more funding available through IHDA. As of the time of writing to you that funding had not started. I think they are working to make the second round go a little smoother.

    Please watch for the emails for calls to action on pending legislation. Our industry is again under attack by tenant advocacy group working hard to push their agendas into state law. Rent Control, requiring landlords to accept government rent subsidies, and sealing eviction records are just a few.

    Elections are were held Tuesday the 6 th of April and unfortunately the two candidate we were supporting, Mark Stefanic and Bobby Walsh for Rockford City Counsel didnít get elected. We will however strive to be partners with our local government being as much as part of the process as possible. Thanks to all those that contributed in their campaigns.

    Last month we announced that there would be 4 available board seats that would need to be filled and that we were looking for members that have been a member for at least 2 years and in good standing with the association. We in fact had 5 seats available as many of our board members have been serving for multiple terms have decided to step down and let others serve. Iím happy to say that we had a number of members come forward and express their willingness to serve on the board. In our last meeting the board unanimously chose a slate of 5 nominees to present to the membership for their approval. This year it may not be possible to vote in person so we are in the process of working out an alternate way via email. We will be announcing those nominees and voting in the coming weeks. Many thanks to those that came forward to serve. Everyone is encouraged to volunteer for the association even if they are not a board member. Our membership is only as good as the people that volunteer so thank you all again.

Thanks for everyoneís support through their membership in the RAA!

Karl Fauerbach, RAA President



City legal memo to council for Chronic Nuisance Ordinance
Memo from Di Monte & Lizak on Home Rule authority re Ordinance


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There are no regular RAA meetings in June, July, August or (December Christmas Party), however, we may schedule an activity so be sure to check back or call RAA for updates.

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