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September, 2023

6:30 PM
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As landlords and property owners, we rent out a good home to a tenant and their family. It should be that simple. But we can find ourselves having to sometimes deal with the complexity of a family’s life, and how it affects neighbors and your other tenants. This can include the very complex issues of tenants who are hoarders or subject to elder abuse, situations of child neglect, and mental health issues. Or maybe it is one tenant is complaining about another with these issues. What do we do? What is the best resource or agency for us to turn to for help? How can we help a good tenant recover from these challenges? What steps should we take if we must terminate the lease and proceed with legal action? Ryan Kerch, LEHP Environmental Health Supervisor, can help with all of these issues. Ryan is the person who can connect you with the helpful community agencies. Please join us for an informative discussion and to share your thoughts and questions. Also join us for a presentation from Lesley Wallace about the Winnebago County Health Department’s Lead-Safe Homes Program. The program is also for landlords and covers 85% to 100% of the costs to make your rentals lead-safe! The Lead-Safe Homes Program pays up to $15,000 for: siding, windows, garages and sheds, fences, gutter and exteriors, soil and other necessary lead-safe repairs Eligible properties include places where children and pregnant women regularly visit, if a child or pregnant woman is eligible for Medicaid, the property was built before 1978, and the rental property taxes and insurance are current. The application is online and easy, and the Winnebago County Health Department will guide us through the process.